Tasked with expanding the arsenal of success story pages on, we interviewed multiple candidates, wrote up recommendations for each based upon their interviews and two were selected to be made into videos.

Links to videos to come soon!

Below is our work capturing the essence of these agents from their interviews, along with their supporting individuals who shed light on the agent's true spirit and passions.



Benjamin brings a youthful energy to the Coldwell Banker brand, and a great understanding of the technology resources that are available. Benjamin was originally a firefighter who owned rental properties and through his experience with real estate, developed a passion for the business – meeting people, marketing himself, and the housing industry. 


He chose his Coldwell Banker office over the smaller agencies that first attracted him because, after meeting with his manager and broker, he learned about the opportunity that comes with a national brand that has a model that works for new agents.

And through his training and almost two years with the brand, he has grown into a successful agent. He has learned how to market himself and his strength as an agent lies with his connections with his clients. His relationship with his manager was one of the key components in his success.

Video to cover:

·       Benjamin Beaver is a…father, husband, etc. Benjamin Beaver is a Coldwell Banker Real Estate Agent.

·       Introducing Bev McCleery as his manager, and bringing out her feelings about Benjamin as they relate to his success with their Coldwell Banker office

·       Bev’s take on how the Coldwell Banker system has helped make Benjamin a successful agent

·       Bring in Mary Beaver, Benjamin’s wife, to provide a 360 view of Benjamin’s time with the Coldwell Banker office, how he has grown in his time with the brand, and how his journey has made him more successful

·       Coldwell Banker brand was the right choice, Benjamin’s quality of life has increased, his success has been more than they could have imagined

·       Benjamin’s start – becoming a real estate agent, choosing the Coldwell Banker brand, and knowing it was right for him – locally, structure of the office (non-competing broker, open door policy), support system in his office

·       The benefits and opportunities for success that come with being associated with a national brand – training programs through CB University, feeling “in the loop” on a national level with changing culture and opportunity, visits from top Coldwell Banker representatives

·       Leveraging his support network and technology to elevate his career – help and guidance he receives from fellow agents, great culture at his office, technology resources such as Coldwell Banker OnLocation that help him reach his clients, eMarketing center that helps him work more efficiently

·       Marketing himself to his network – how being with the Coldwell Banker brand has allowed him to grow his business – his recipe for success is a combination of having a national brand behind him ( and marketing materials), the support of his local office (support staff) and his freedom to be creative and find new ways to market himself

·       Cover some of his fun ways

·       Demonstrate how the Coldwell Banker brand is trustworthy, reliable and progressive – the culture in his office is one of trust and open communication, which speaks to the power of the brand, Coldwell Banker is at the cutting edge in terms of technology, making them a very progressive company to work for

Video Tone:


Interview Quote: “Benjamin has become such a success at Coldwell Banker – he’s one of our top agents."

Sample: Benjamin has made the most of his time with Coldwell Banker by really taking advantage of the training programs that we offer. He’s taken what we’ve given him and made it truly his own. He’s able to go the extra mile in promoting himself and making the tools available to him work.


Interview Quote: “It was such a good decision for Benjamin to go with Coldwell Banker – I think of the opportunities and recognition he’s received. He has credibility he has that he would not get from a smaller agency.”

Sample: Benjamin has really thrived since starting with Coldwell Banker. I remember he looked around at some smaller agencies and decided Coldwell Banker held the most opportunity for him. Well, he was right.

He now has a flexible schedule that allows him time to spend more with our family. The best part about it all is his increased drive and fulfillment in what he does. I love that he comes home energized by his job. He took his passion for real estate and made it into a successful career.


Interview Quote: “When I met with the broker and manager at Coldwell Banker, we talked about opportunity and a model in place that creates great agents. Their honesty and the Coldwell Banker system made me sure it was right fit for me.”

Sample: When I first thought about getting my license, I thought it would be part time. But when I met with Coldwell Banker and found it was a fit for me, I had quit my job within a month and signed on full time.

With Coldwell Banker, I receive support on the national and local level I just couldn’t get anywhere else. The training available through Coldwell Banker is unparalleled on the local and national level through CB University. When it comes to technology, Coldwell Banker is on the cutting edge, such as their OnLocation Youtube channel.

The support I received from my colleagues and manager make my day-to-day work something I look forward to. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else, because I wouldn’t be as connected as I am with Coldwell Banker. 




Mitch represents the story of an agent who came to Coldwell Banker Real Estate right out of college. He also represents the story of a “home grown” success story for the brand that utilized all the resources the brand offered to grow his business in the three years he’s been with the brand. And as an active individual in his community, Mitch can also demonstrate an interesting 360-view of what a day in the life of a Coldwell Banker agent looks like. 



Video to cover:

•    Mitch Dietz is a husband, a volunteer, an outdoorsman, a dog lover. Mitch Dietz is a Coldwell Banker Real Estate Agent.
•    Introduce Ken Anderson to talk about hiring Mitch and how he’s grown with the Coldwell Banker brand, along with how Ken works with his team of agents through training and support from the management team
•    Bring in Curtis Buschor, Mitch’s former client, now friend, to talk about why he initially went with Mitch as an agent and how Mitch represented the Coldwell Banker brand well
•    Mitch’s Introduction – Talk about his early interest in real estate (his high school story), and why he chose it as a career right out of college
•    Choosing Coldwell Banker – he interviewed with several brokerages, but ultimately decided that Coldwell Banker was the right place for him 
•    Success in Real Estate – Mitch used all of the tools and resources that the brand offered nationally and the support at the local level, and found great successes as a result
•    Area of Focus – Mitch has carved out a niche in expired and cancelled listings
•    Special Moments – his first sale was representing a referral from his wife’s grandparents – a memorable and emotional transaction
•    Active Lifestyle – get into Mitch’s role in the community and the sports he plays; also get into his volunteer work and how he and his wife foster dogs

Video Tone:


Interview Quote: “I think Mitch can inspire young people to get into the real estate industry. If they have the right skill set, they can be their own boss to some degree, and have limitless potential.”

Sample: I knew within 15 minutes of meeting Mitch that I was going to hire him and that he’d be successful. It’s evident when talking to him that he has great character, he presents himself well and is wise beyond his years. Mitch has grown a lot in the years since he started with our office – he is surpassing the level we expected from him.

My philosophy is that you can train skills, but you can’t train talent. We look for people with spirit of service, who can go out and talk to people everyday, and who have a good attitude about themselves and the industry. We train our new agents right along with our seasoned agents, and Mitch has been a quick study in that regard.



Interview Quote: “Being treated the way I was by Mitch really made me respect and appreciate the brand he comes from. When we look to buy another home, we’ll go with Coldwell Banker.”

Sample: Right away, when we met Mitch, we knew that he was the right agent for us. He was young, honest, funny – he made a great impression right off the bat. He presented himself well, he was accommodating to our busy schedule, and he was always on time – he was a true professional.

He was also really connected – whenever we’d email him about a home we were interested in, he came back with information on that property and several others in the area we could look at. We came to trust him, and that feeling is worth its weight in gold.

When you’re buying something worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, you want someone who has your back. He provided great service, and truly represented the Coldwell Banker brand well.



Interview Quote: “I always knew that I was going to be a real estate agent – and now that I’m with Coldwell Banker, there’s no other place I’d rather be.”

Sample:    I got out of college with an Economics degree and great people skills; I was ready to put them to work in real estate. I interviewed with several brokerages, but after I left my interview at Coldwell Banker, I knew where I wanted to be. 

I liked the support they offered new agents, and I took advantage of it from the onset. I started with the Rookie Club incentive program, and attended any info session the office had. And with the  online training program they offered, I had a flexible learning environment that let me learn at the speed I wanted – FAST!

The marketing materials they make available to me allow me to focus on serving my clients; the local research they provide gives me great insights to bring to buyers and sellers, and great tools like LeadRouter send prospective clients right to my phone.

One thing that has impacted my career profoundly has been the relationship I have built with my broker, Ken Anderson. Ken showed me the ropes, and has helped give me the skills that allowed me to succeed.  

I have grown a great deal since I started here, and Coldwell Banker has been behind me at every stage. That’s why I’m happy here – even if I moved around the world, I’d still work with Coldwell Banker.