Letters from Me, Day 30: Caitlyn Novak, Tempe, AZ

Dear Caitlyn, 

You, my love, are fabulous. I am so lucky that I've gotten to know you these past few years. Not only have you been a great friend to Dylan, you quickly became one of my favorite people in Philly - and now, in Arizona!

My first memories of hanging out with you were in your Philadelphia apartment. Low to the ground and filled with girl treasures, it was a haven for cooking breakfast for dinner, drinking whiskey cocktails, watching comedy and horror and dishing until the wee hours, when we'd sail home on 95 beneath the stars. I loved coming to visit you, since your house was filled with kitty art - but no actual kitties which make you sniffle - unlike our house! 


We of course, loved when you'd come visit us in the city too. We made memories all over Philadelphia - the Evil Dead musical at the Prince Theater (no splash zone!), mulled wine at Frankford Hall in the dead of winter, the quest to find the perfect Philly burger, margaritas at Copabana with the West Philly crowd, beers all over town - in Philly and up and down MacDade Blvd. 

It was really my luck that you lived here when I first met Dylan, since you were one of the first friends of his that I met. It's so gratifying to be dating someone you really like, meet a good friend of theirs and like them just as much and think to yourself - yes, this person keeps good company. I think he can stay.

When we heard that you were making the journey back to Tempe, we were a bit heartbroken. No more jumping on the highway for 15 minutes to hang out with Caitlyn to watch a movie or sip drinks at happy hour. But you moving south and west meant that you would now be back where you and Dylan met - amongst old friends for both of you. It wasn't until your going away party that we (along with our dear friend Callan) started plotting a girls’ trip in Arizona for the following year.


To be honest, I didn't know if we'd have it in us to travel all of the way across the country. But god willing, we made it happen.

And boy, I'm glad we did!

From the moment we arrived, you made us feel so at home - you and Danthy! - and we loved every moment of exploring the cities, towns and the desert with you. I still feel bad that we got you dizzy on that trip up 69A to Jerome, but my, did you dazzle us with you beautiful state that day. Seeing the red rocks and blue sunny skies of Sedona, it fully sunk in why so many people flock to the area and call it their home. 


Climbing South Mountain felt amazing - to be able to look down on all of Phoenix and the country around us felt like an accomplishment - and I couldn't have asked for better hiking partners.

I learned on that trip that you're not just a wonderful friend to Dylan and me, as a couple - you're a true blue friend to me, too. You are an incredible host, an adventurous tour guide, a lively conversationalist, a kind, caring and compassionate shoulder, ear and helping hand, a gorgeous soul - with a gorgeous outside, killer style and attitude to match! 

I honestly am so happy the universe brought us together - and thank Snapchat and Facebook for making us feel not so far apart these days. 

Willow is SnapChat famous!

Willow is SnapChat famous!

I will forever look forward to hearing from you, seeing you - no matter how briefly - and spending time together whenever we get it. I can't wait to plan our next journey, to see your new house someday, to soak in more of your lovely town and best of all - to have lots of uninterrupted quality Caitlyn Novak time.

Thank you for being your awesome self. Be well.