Steering the Year Ahead

Good morning! It's new year's day, and I was up at the crack of dawn like many years in recent past, filled with energy, ready to take on the world. So what do I do? In years past, I've made oodles of fancy pancakes, gone for a run, bought new work clothes, emailed friends. But I always seem to, in some form, make some new year's resolutions.

I tried to be smart with mine this year. Nothing too lofty, but nothing too vague either.

Please note, this is separate, in tandem with, and choreographed alongside my yearly bucket list that I write with friends at our birthdays. Those goals are truly measurable, whereas these seem to be more guidelines to steer the year ahead.

Here goes:

1. Write. Often. Anything. Practice makes perfect. Get just a tiny bit better this year.

2. Work out on more days this year. Last year, it was more than half. This year, make it two thirds. No rules about what or for how long.

3. Stay smart with money. Before committing to anything, as small as a latte, as big as a trip, figure out if it can be done 100% without credit. Keep saving little by little. Throw a little extra at my smallest loan if I can. We can do this.

4. Remember how much you love your job. Find new ways to get better at it. Continue to make it a priority, with a smile on your face.

5. Keep cooking. Take notes. Don't be afraid to try new things.

6. Work on giving digital photos a new lease on life off the hard drive and in the cloud. Sharing is caring.

7. Pare down possessions. Stuff for the sake of stuff isn't worth much.

8. Tell, and show, the ones you love that you do. Letters, cards, poems, pictures- all good ways to do more of #1 and #3 too.

9. Follow through on all promises. Cause that's the kinda chick you are.

10. Last but never least, don't rely on anyone else to tell you you're smart or beautiful or worth it. Ever ever.