Letters from Me, Day 32: Liza Garcia, Celebration, FL

Dear Liza, 

Today is your birthday, and I couldn't think of a better day to write you this letter to tell you how special you are to me.

We are in the heart of our Taurus/Aries celebrations, the time of year when you, me, Janire and Dylan all have our birthdays. It has been such a joy to create and uphold our tradition of birthday dinner and drinks together. When I signed on to Facebook this morning, I was reminded of your birthday 2 years ago, at McTullio's in Delaware, when we toasted with jungle juice and ate birthday cake to the sounds of rock music. I'm so happy we've had the chance to party with each other over the years, the tradition we began in 2011, right before Dylan and I met. I feel lucky to celebrate with you, not just on our birthdays, but all year long - toasting tequila or martinis to the ups and downs of life. 


Liza, my dear, I adore you for so many reasons.

You're kind and compassionate. From your work, to your friendships, to your family, you always look out for other people and make sure they have everything they need and have a smile on their face. I see you with your friends and family, tending to those who need it, helping those who might not know they do. You are also such a loving and caring owner/mama to your pets - first Brandy, now Baileys. You have a nurturing quality that everyone appreciates the world over, animal or human.


You're smart and hard-working. I look up to you for being so dedicated and diligent to your work, no matter where you are in the country or the world. And I love picking your brain about what's going on in the world. You are informed and intelligent, with a strong opinion, but without forcing your beliefs on others. 


You are an adventurer. I love following you and Janire as you travel, here, there and everywhere. No matter where you roam, you make the world your home. Because of that, you are comfortable with people of any background or history and you can make friends with just about anyone. 


You're a truly beautiful soul - inside and out. You carry yourself with a grace and strength that I can only aspire to. I love the time we spend together because I feel like I get to absorb just a little bit of your brilliant shining light each time. 


I am so lucky to know you, and to have you in my life. You have taught me so much about being a part of this world - about what really matters and what does not. You bring me joy any time we are together, and even when we're not - you pass your kind words and loving thoughts on in every way you can. I look forward to our next adventure, to the next time our paths cross, no matter where we are or where life takes us next.



P.S. I knew it would be hard to write a letter today, but your kindness through everything with Allspice made the words flow onto the page. Your support and love means the world to us. Thank you for being a friend, for being so thoughtful, for being you.