Letters from Me, Day 27: Tom Beckwith, Essex Junction, VT

Dear Tom,

My dear uncle, we've had a lot of great times over the past 31 years. I'm sure you remember way more than I do, considering for many of those years, I was just a kid and not taking photographs of everything I do and everyone I see, as I have been for the past 10 years or so.


I was peeking at the photos I've taken of you since you joined Facebook, and it brought back a lot of great memories.

Picnics with the family where we tossed water balloons or eggs to win glory and victory. Where you and the guys threw horseshoes to prove who the manliest man was. Or frisbees or beanbags to pass the time between bites of burgers and cupcakes.


Christmas parties and catching up on each other's lives - new jobs and houses, Tyler's hockey career, puppies and cats. Swapping books and finding the perfect present in the card game. Snacking and snapping photos, even though the kids don't really like to smile.


Trips to Burlington, where we go bowling, scoring strikes and celebrating gutter balls, or go to brunch to load up on the buffet and talk about the Red Sox.

Weddings, like the one we went to a few weeks ago, where we show off our killer dance moves, sip coffee, eat Krispee Kremes and chat all the way through dinner.


And even a visit to Philly, when we were so excited to meet you guys for dinner at El Vez, one of our favorite local restaurants, and stop off at Capogiro for a sweet treat. It was so great to see your family on our turf. I hope you know you are welcome to visit anytime. We will always have new things to show you and great food to eat!

Thank you for all of the time we've spent together over the years, for being a great uncle to Josh and I and all of the cousins, for being an awesome brother to my mom and the rest of the Beckwith clan, for being such a cool dad to Carisa and Tyler (some of my favorite cousins), for bringing Mary Ellen into our lives (because she is the sweetest), for all of the fabulous Christmas presents (I adore our ceramic TV dinner trays) and for just being you. A smart and savvy, witty and wry, kind and caring guy, the best kind of uncle out there. 

A still from our sumo match video at the summer picnic, 2009.

A still from our sumo match video at the summer picnic, 2009.

Looking forward to the next get together (perhaps a Luau picnic?) and all the fun to come.