Letters from Me, Day 23: Janire Rdgz, Kissimmee, FL

Dear Janire, 

On my quest to write 365 letters, I just had to write one to my fellow Aries, my soulmate of the stars.

You have been a constant in my life since the day we met, and I treasure the time we get together, no matter when or how or where we get it. Every year, I look forward to your pilgrimage north to Pennsylvania so we can celebrate our birthdays together.


And celebrate we have. This will be the 5th year in a row we are celebrating together, in the spring air, under the gorgeous moon, toasting another year in the books that has been filled with love. 

Four years ago, it was just the three of us - Liza, you and me. We went to a lovely dinner (I believe it was tapas in South Philly!) and then it was off to a late night circus performance where we watched dancers and death defiers twirl and spin fire. 

Three years ago, it was Distrito, this time with the whole gang. By then, you had met Dylan (on a trip down to Florida that winter!) and you loved him as much as I did. We sipped margaritas and ate tacos all night.


Two years ago, we went to 2312 Garrett Bar, where you made friends with the owner, and made plans to see him down in Florida. I love how you can talk to anyone, find something in common with them, and before you know it - you're texting each other to hang out a thousand miles away.

Last year, we did City Tap House, in our new neighborhood. We brunched this time, but all still had our candles.

You taught me to save my candle after making my wish, and guess what - since I learned that, my wish has always come true. I always tell the story of that first birthday, when I wished for true love and saved my candle in my wallet. Not a week and a half later, I had my first date with Dylan, and I just knew. Janire was right. This birthday magic is real.


You and Liza mean so much to us. You're not only some of our best friends, but our pen pals (with kisses, of course!), our travel advisors, our mentors in a long lasting love that we hope to have when we've been together 20 years.

When you two got married last year, I knew that the gods were smiling down on us. We wish we could have been there to see it, but the photos and stories paint a picture of a beautiful white snow covered park, a few moments in time when the noise faded away and there was peace in the air, and the angels sang quietly up above. 


Janire, you inspire me for so many reasons. The joy you bring to those around you, the sweetness you spread to the ones you love, the care you give to those who need it, the beauty in your relationship with Liza, the wit that makes me laugh loud and long, the way you carry yourself with the most graceful poise, yet at the same time, the way you can throw your hands up at something outrageous and exude the most powerful energy. I love all of your ways, all of the spirits you embody, all of the women you are, have been and will be someday.

I know our paths will continue to cross, for years to come. I hope we get to continue our birthday celebrations until we are old and grey. I wish you good health, great joy and unending love.

Happy April, my love. See you soon.