Letters from Me, Day 20: Richard J. Fallon, Chelmsford, MA

Dear Rich,

Can you believe we're 30?

I mean, could you have fathomed being this grown up, back when we were in middle school? With jobs? That require skills? I think teenage Rich and Amanda would be in awe. And then they'd get a snack from the vending machine and say something ridiculous.


When we were 15, life seemed simple. We had music - chorus, the plays, eventually Madrigals. We had the yearbook, which slowly overtook our lives. We had friends, a tight knit group that expanded and contracted with the weekend. We ate together, took classes together, did homework together. I remember signing up for email addresses together. You were smart, loyal and could always make me laugh. 


When we were 20, life seemed exciting. We were in college - you at RPI, me at BU. We didn't see each other nearly as much, but when we did, it was always an adventure. And we always came home to hang out together in Queensbury for the weekend or at the end of the semester. We both got into rowing at college, and uncovered a new passion for being on a river at 5am. 


When we were 25, we started news lives. You had fallen in love with Meaghan, proposed and were married shortly after our birthdays. It was a magical night, and my very first trip home from Philly after my move. I had known you both for 10 years and it had all come together so perfectly, from the moment you kissed under the fireworks on New Year's Eve to your first dance at your wedding. You and Meaghan had true love, the kind of love you have with your best friend, the kind of love I hoped to have someday.


And now, here we are. You have always been a wonderful friend, a great teammate, a fantastic partner in crime. Now you're a husband and a father, and a great one at that. You work hard and you've made a great career for yourself, for your family. You've built a life to be proud of, and I am so proud to call you my friend.

I hope to see more of you in the year to come. I want to meet Elliot and see how Maura has grown. I can't wait to spend time with you guys, to catch up, to make new memories. 

I will always remember you as you were when we were 15, when we were 20, when we were 25. But I know I will know you for a long, long time, and we'll look back on 30 this way years from now.


Be well, my friend. Be happy, be at peace, be healthy. And never stop being yourself.