Letters from Me, Day 19: Meaghan L. Fallon, Chelmsford, MA

Dear Meaghan, 

You are an amazing person. 

You always have been. Sweet sometimes, sassy other times, funny all of the time, you made yourself a fast friend to our little group at Queensbury High School when you moved to town.


I really have known you for so long. We have spent countless hours in the car together, to and from school, or sometimes driving right on past, road trips east or west, to Boston or Buffalo, trips to Saratoga or Crossgates Mall. We've sung at the top of our lungs and danced our butts off - sometimes both at the very same time - and sometimes both in one of our cars! We have celebrated together over the years - our birthdays, the 4th of July, the new year, Christmas and Thanksgiving, our graduations from high school, then college, and eventually...weddings! 


I've watched you grow up from the kid I met in the halls of QHS to the beautiful bride who married my dear friend Rich, to who you are today. You were always kind, compassionate, saucy and confident, with a biting wit. You were always on point with an inside joke or a snappy retort, no matter what the situation. The years have been kind, and these days you are even more yourself, even more sure footed, more graceful, more beautiful than when we were 15. You're your own woman and you're creating your life with the man you love and the kids who love you more than anything.


I see you with your kids and know I want to be like you someday. I want to have what you guys have, and to do it with the joy that you do. I must say, I knew I'd miss you when you guys moved to Boston, since my move to Philly made even the distance to Queensbury tough, but from the sounds of it, you wouldn't have it any other way. I am so happy you are happy.


I do want to see you more. I want to watch your family grow. I want to have fewer months between cups of coffee and catching up. I want to know what Maura's learned next and what words Elliot's been saying. I can't wait to see you guys next, be it spring, summer or fall.

I wish you all wonderful things, Meag. Joy, success, serenity. I want you to know that no matter how long it's been or how far we are, you hold a place in my heart - a comfy one, because you've been there for a while and aren't going anywhere soon! You are my soul sister, my mama role model, my lady love, my Meagharamos. All the best to you, my dear.