Resolve in 2015

in 2015, I resolve to: 

1. eat lots and lots of vegetables, lots of fruits, some grains and meat and fats, less cheese and milk, only a LITTLE bit of bread and pasta and sweets and maybe if I'm good, some alcohol. cook these foods more than I order them.

2. build a workout routine I can live with...cardio a few times a week and SOMETHING physical each and everyday. it can be walking.

3. get better at my job. read lots of articles and get great at something new this year. seo? targeted advertising on social media? maybe google ad words? all three? let's do this.

4. get better at saying no. choose sleep. choose rest. not all the time, but at least a few times a week.

5. be happy everyday. no matter what it takes to get there, get yourself there and enjoy it for a moment. don't give up on days because they're hard. believe that each day can have a little sunshine in it.