Content Can't Conquer Without a CMS

While it is very true that content is king, be it on desktop, tablet, mobile or television, that king must come in a vehicle of some sort. There’s got to be a way to get him from his castle to the people. Nearly everyone writing, producing, filming, collaborating on or curating content uses some form of CMS.

I’ve worked for many years in the digital space. Almost 5 of those years were spent as a content manager. I learned to pay close attention to what content I was posting, where it should go and its purpose in the greater strategy of the sites I worked on, but I feel like I missed a big part of the picture: While I made requests of our development team, I could never really take control of our unruly, clunky and pieced-together CMS.

I had to make workarounds, look for loop holes in the page requirements that would make the impossible possible. I had to make the content fit the CMS structure. Our pages, our content, lived in a somewhat static box. We could say it with words, but only a limited amount of characters. We could say it with an image, but only if it fit within the confines of the page. As a content manager, I learned to find ways around the rules, but never really got to revolutionize the site because of the limitations of its CMS.

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