A new year. A new chance to be great.

I'm sitting on my sprawling front porch on New Year's Eve in West Philly, surrounded by fireworks and taxi cabs and drunk stragglers. 

Being in this city, working, playing and loving in this city is an experience like one I never dreamed. Ten years ago I spent New Year's Eve in Albany with my best friend, causing trouble and walking in unbearable heels.

Seven years ago, I saw two of my best friends kiss each other for the first time under the fireworks at midnight…four and a half years ago, I saw them marry each other in our home town. 

Four and a half years ago I also moved to Philly. I knew just one person and I didn’t have a job. Four years ago on New Year’s Eve, I loved my job enough to spend the evening with my phenomenal coworkers. 

Two years ago, I spent New Year’s Eve with strep throat, with the amazing man I’d met that year who made me chicken parmesan and let me wear my pajamas all night. 

And this year, tonight, I spent the evening with that same man, great friends, looking out over the whole city, drinking champagne and lighting sparklers as we played Auld Lang Syne on the iPhone. And I’m on the brink of a new year, a new job and a new life.

It’s just 3 hours and 23 minutes into 2014 and I can already tell this year will be amazing.