I'm resolute in having a 2014 revolution.

1. Eat vegetables and fruit every day. Not for tomorrow, but for the future.

2. Take good care of your body. It is the only one you've got.

3. Stay organized. Lists, spreadsheets, home, computer, work. Don't let things get away from you.

4. Never stop learning. You've got a big job ahead of you. Don't coast and always strive to be better at what you're doing.

5. Grow older with grace. Believe you are beautiful no matter what.

6. Take good care of the ones you love most. They make your life rich.

7. Spend wisely and with caution.

8. Cook new things. Make time to work at it.

9. Move ever forward. Don't dwell on a down day.

10. Be grateful each and every day for what you have.