Imposter Syndrome Talks

Inspired by a late night conversation at Good Dog Bar about how many people in the tech industry are affected by imposter syndrome, I convinced Briana Morgan to talk about it in a BarCamp Philly session in November of 2015.

We had such a great reception (packed room, lots of people sharing stories, great feedback, some tears!), we decided to bring the talk to PANMA in January 2016. You can watch that video below!

Feeling the momentum of that talk, we applied and were accepted to give a version of the talk at DjangoCon US, which was held at the University of Pennsylvania in July 2016.

That summer, we also chatted about imposter syndrome as it applies to creatives on the local design podcast, Hi Res Pod. You can listen to our episode here.

We love that people continue to think of us both when they read or see something new about imposter syndrome.

I am reprising a version of our talk in April 2018 for the Women in Science group at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, which is dedicated to promoting the professional and personal goals of female trainees. 

If you are looking to bring the topic of imposter syndrome to your group, you can contact me and/or Briana!