The Brand Anthem offers a unique approach to clients on both a strategic and emotional level. Neither an ad nor a mission statement, a Brand Anthem is designed to be a touchstone document that communicates the essence and emotion of a brand to all of its ambassadors - from the CEO/CMO to the interns, and from marketing partners to agency vendors. 

GE Healthcare

A World That Works for You

We see a world that works better...for patients and providers.

As we develop smarter devices that help clinicians diagnose more quickly and efficiently, we’re giving patients more time with their doctors to work on what really matters…the next steps.

We see a world of opportunity…to reach more people.

Our technology has touched over 1 billion lives, and our reach is ever growing. We’re finding new ways to identify and analyze big diseases, the challenges that are affecting people across the globe.

We see a world that's connected…bringing big data to an industrial internet.

Unifying patient records electronically means we can bring critical information to the hospitals and doctors that can use it everyday. Collaborating across a global scale enables more informed decisions. Having access to thousands of cases can mean a world of difference for a single patient.

At GE Healthcare, we're investing in the minds and the ideas that are moving us toward this world. From research to design to manufacturing, we are innovators who are approaching solutions differently.

For today and the future ahead, we see a world that works for you.


Your life, Our inspiration

At Baxter, we are inspired.

We are inspired by our patients and the challenge to develop treatments that extend and improve their lives. We work closely with them, learning about their lives, their individual struggles and triumphs. Our time with them helps us understand how our work can truly impact a life, and a family.

We are inspired by our heritage of 80 years of scientific excellence, spanning generations of creative, world-class minds and numerous medical “firsts”. We are 58,000 employees working around the globe, extending our capabilities from traditional areas such has hemophilia, to important new areas of unmet need, including oncology and Alzheimer’s disease.

We are inspired by both the ordinary and extraordinary, from the music in our lives to the life stories of the people we’re working to help. And while our experiences are diverse, we are united by a common purpose – delivering a new generation of breakthrough therapies.

We are inspired by the future. With an ever-growing research pipeline, ours is a vibrant culture that celebrates personal, inspired and innovative thinking to address healthcare's biggest challenges. 

We are the people of Baxter – and we are inspired to lead the healthcare science that will save and sustain millions of lives every day.

At Baxter. Your Life is Our Greatest Inspiration

World Gold Council

Advancing Ever Forward

Gold has long been a part of our history. It has helped build nations. It has adorned kings and queens. It has brought relationships enduring strength. It has changed hands as a valuable currency. It has created connections throughout time and helped shape our world into what it is today.

Gold is in our traditions and our past. But gold is also our future.

Gold is still enhancing our relationships. It is still helping to build nations. But today, gold is also lengthening lives through nanotechnology. It is advancing science and technology through its adaptability and resilience. It is supporting economies across the globe through its constancy. Gold is touching communities and individuals through its value as an investment.

Gold is forging a path ahead, a path of progress and prosperity for a new generation. Collaborating with financial powers and technology leaders, gold is investing in innovation like never before. The World Gold Council is committed to continuing a legacy of 24 karat excellence that has never tarnished. They hold their partners and investments to this standard.

Gold is so exquisite because its beauty and value endure. And the World Gold Council is ensuring that its value will not only endure, it will continue to grow and shape our future.

Gold has long been the metal of pioneers. Let that spirit live strong in us today.

Gold: advancing us ever forward.