Hi there.

Everyone's got a story. Well, in truth, everyone's got hundreds of thousands of stories. But here's one of mine.

I was told I wrote my first story at 15 months old. My mom was the one writing it down, but it was about a camel and her son and the horse they met one day. I've always been a sucker for happy endings. As you can imagine, the camel family and the horse became friends in this story, and played together.

If you count that first tale, then I've been writing for just about 33 years. In the beginning, I loved writing anything and everything, from stories to poems to student newspaper articles. I edited and wrote for our high school yearbook for three years, and was published in the literary journal.

I went on to study advertising in college and, while enamored with visual design, I kept writing and pursued copywriting.

After school, I got a job as an editor and eventually a content manager for a large corporate website. Knowing I wanted to work on my writing more, I blogged, tweeted and wrote Yelp reviews. I eventually got myself onto the creative team at FTI Consulting, where I concepted, wrote and edited copy, and began pioneering a content strategy practice at the firm.

After leaving FTI (almost 5 years later), I took a hiatus from agency life working for an experimental startup as their social media manager, community manager and copywriter. There, I helped build a brand - and a community of artists - and met some wonderful people along the way.

That year, I made a kismetic connection with a friend of a friend and landed a job at my my current home, Agency M. I started as a content strategist, but went on to play the part of community manager, party planner, copywriter, editor, researcher and purveyor of all things digital, with the help of and awesome team.

Five years later, I am managing the digital department, helping the accounts team to manage all digital projects, from website rebuilds to social campaigns to emails, display advertising and fully integrated campaigns with digital components.

My team’s roles include UX, content strategy, development, video editing, server administration and IT. I love taking on new challenges at the agency, and helping further our capabilities, sell our services to new clients and making our work the best it can be.

After all this time, I'm still telling stories. Now, these stories to help brands, organizations and individuals connect with the people who need them most. But I still like a happy ending.

Welcome to my portfolio.